What Will This Child Be?

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Today the Church celebrates the birth of John the Baptist. In the first reading from Isaiah 49, we see prophesies that certainly pertain to the life of John the Baptist. In the second reading from Acts 13, St. Paul tells of how John heralded the coming of the Lord Jesus. And the Gospel reading from Luke 1 tells the story of the naming of John the Baptist.

In witnessing the circumstances surrounding John's birth, the people of Judea asked, "What, them, will this child be?" I suspect they recognized that something special would become of this boy.

Every child is a miracle. I think every parent wonders what life holds for each of their children from the first moments of their lives. Rest assured that, just as He did for John the Baptist, God has a plan for everyone. As parents, our mission is to nurture our children and prepare them as best we can to be open to God's great plan for them. And I can tell you this with full confidence: what they will be is what they already are - a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece creation of God.

Father, thank you for the gift of children. May all your children become what you desire them to be, more like Christ Jesus. Amen.

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