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For the Second Sunday of Lent, the Gospel reading is the story of the Transfiguration from Mark 9.

Jesus takes Peter, James and John up on the mountain and is “transfigured before them.” In other words, Jesus took on the appearance of who He truly is, the eternal Son of God. Imagine what this must have been like for the three disciples. I’m sure that they had never seen anything like this before in their lives. Peter, not knowing what to say, mumbled something about building tents. So, what does this Transfiguration mean to us?

The time is coming when we, too, will be transfigured. When we will realize all that God has created us for. At the resurrection of the body. We will be given our new bodies, ones that will never decay or corrupt. I imagine that we will look similar to what Jesus looked like on the Mount of Transfiguration. St. John tells us that we’re not really sure what that is going to be. But I’m sure that Peter, James and John were pretty much at a loss for words to describe what they saw. Nice, huh? That what we will become is indescribable!

Father, we look forward to the time of our “transfiguration.” Help us to be transfigured each and every day into the person you want us to be. Amen.

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