What Do I Still Lack?

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We have a very sad first reading today from Ezekiel 24. The LORD tells Ezekiel that he is going to take away the delight of your eyes, and that Ezekiel should not do the customary mourning, but be ready to press on. He would be a sign for the people. See what happens.

The Gospel reading is one that I hope is familiar from Matthew 19. Jesus encounters a rich young man, who asks what he must do to gain eternal life. Jesus answers, “Keep the commandments.” The rich young man’s final retort is telling. “All of these I have observed. What do I still lack?” Jesus’ answer is a lesson in “Be careful what you ask.”

What do I still lack? The rich young man could have let Jesus’ first answer stand. But he wanted to make sure that he was doing all he could. So he took it the final step. It is a dangerous question – yet one we must ask every day. Lord, what do I still lack? Like the rich young man, our answer may be difficult to accept. But if we wish to press on in the spiritual life, we must hear and obey.

Father, what do I still lack? Help me to listen to your answer and follow your will however difficult it may be. Amen.

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