Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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Gus talks with Christy Beam, author of the book “Miracles from Heaven,” which has been turned into a major motion picture starring Jennifer Garner that opens today. Inspired by Christy’s story, which she described as a “trial by fire,” Gus talks with listeners about their trial by fire.

Then, Gus talks about a story out of Omaha, Nebraska where, at St. Cecilia Cathedral, a large mannequin of Mary Poppins hung from the ceiling in celebration of a flower festival being held there. An outraged custodian cut it down resulting in his arrest and $6,000 in damages. Gus asks listeners how they would feel if Mary Poppins hung in their church and if the custodian’s actions are justified or not.

And, Fr. Warren Tanghe joins Gus in the Conversion Corner. He grew up in a part-Catholic part-Episcopalian family leading him to become an Episcopal priest. Check out his recent appearance on the Coming Home Network here.

Mary Poppins


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