Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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Gus starts by remembering his brother Glenn (pictured below) who was murdered 24 years ago. Today is his birthday and Gus remarks that, all these years later, it still stings especially because he and Glenn weren’t on good terms when he died. Gus talks with listeners who lost a loved one to violence.

Later, Gus talks about the goings on at the Pensacola City Council, which typically opens each session with a prayer. On July 14th, the invocation will be performed by a representative of the Satanic Temple West Florida in an effort to stop public prayer in government buildings. Gus says he’s all for David Suhor saying his Satanic prayer and making a great big fool out of himself. He gets listeners’ opinions.

Also, Gus talks about how Christian Mingle is being forced by a judge to provide homosexual dating options. He says that this is targeting by the two men who’ve filed this lawsuit and that forced acceptance is not acceptance at all.

Glenn Lloyd


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