Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Gus talks this morning about how some doctors are overselling the accuracy of prenatal testing, which can lead to women aborting their babies because of a Downs Syndrome or similar challenging diagnosis when, in actuality, it may not be the case. Gus asks his listeners if they ever experienced a misdiagnosis during their pregnancy and what was the result?

Also, Brescia University Theology Professor Dr. Stuart Squires sits down with Gus in the Conversion Corner and talks about his conversion to Catholicism from various Protestant denominations. To learn more about Stuart, click here.

And, we play a couple rounds of Bible Roulette with the listeners. Callers get to choose a Scripture quote between the numbers 1010 and 1394 and Gus reads it to them to help get them started on a New Year’s resolution.


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