Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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Chris Rodda, research director at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, joins Gus Lloyd to talk why their organization is trying to ban involuntary prayer circles at Air Force Academy football games. She tells Gus that these prayer circles are forced on students who don’t wish to participate, which Gus tells her he finds hard to believe. Read more about it here.

Also, Gus plays a fun game with listeners called “Second Verse.” He gives the first couple lines of the second verse of a popular Christmas carol and they have to finish it. Winners get a copy of A Minute in the Church: The Mass.

And, Gus talks with listeners who are twins or related to twins and asks whether or not they’re similar to one another or not. He also talks with listeners who live in a part of the United States where Catholics are a minority and asks what that experience is like for them.

Prayer Circle


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