Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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A recent CBS News report that talked about how the country of Iceland touting that they’ve eliminated Down’s Syndrome. Turns out, it’s being done through abortion. Gus condemns this practice and how it’s being presented as something positive. He asks if you can perpetuate an evil in order to attain a good.

Later, Catholic Creatives filmmaker Rob Vivirito calls in to talk about his new project 8Beats. a project where over 75 filmmakers, designers, marketing professionals, and artists from across North America have been divided into eight regional teams. Each team will produce and distribute a 5-12 minute short film inspired by the themes of the eight Beatitudes, done at the highest quality possible and distributed with all the power of modern marketing strategy. The final work will be released as an anthology feature film and will be available through both digital download and blu-ray. To learn more about them, check out their Web site here.

Also, Gus talks with listeners about times in their lives when they had an immediate answer to prayer.


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