Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Gus reads a recent opinion piece by Sofia Feingold, entitled “Why Children’s Liturgies Give Me the Willies,” which appeared earlier this month in the National Catholic Register. In many parishes with lots of young families, many kids are escorted to a separate room to be taught the readings and the Gospel in a more instructional manner and then are brought back after the homilyi. The author is not a fan so Gus turns it over to listeners and asks what their thoughts are on children’s liturgies.

Later, Gus talks about a very sad story about a Cistercian monastery in Western Germany, called Himmerod Abbey, that is closing its doors after 883 years. It was founded in 1134 by French Abbot St. Bernard of Clairveaux and is being forced to close down to high upkeep costs and dwindling numbers of monks. Gus urges listeners to go visit a monastery if they have a chance and then asks what is their favorite sacred place where they can connect with God?


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