Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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Inspired by our Conversion Corner segment last week with Shannon Zieg, in which she describes her experiences growing up in the Bible Belt as an agnostic, Gus talks hellfire and brimstone sermons, homilies and/or church services. He asks listeners if they’ve ever been to a Catholic church (or any other church for that matter) that had a hellfire and brimstone atmosphere or if their priest gives homilies of that nature. Also, Gus asks if their priest even mentions hell in his homilies.

Then, in advance of Catholic Schools Week next week, Michael Patterson, headmaster at the Regina Academy at St. John the Baptist in Ottsville, PA, calls in to the program to talk about the classical education his school offers rather than the common core, which most of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia implements. He explains the differences and why he thinks a classical education makes a child more well-rounded. Listen to the interview in its entirety here.

Afterwards, Gus asks listeners their opinions on the state of Catholic and public education and what their experiences were like.

Hellfire and brimstone


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