Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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After speaking about his daily reflection, “Cutting A Deal With God” and Hannah’s experience, in 1 Samuel, in which she cut a deal with God, Gus speaks about the time he did the same; after his daughter was found at the bottom of a swimming pool. Afterwards, Gus asks listeners to call in who “made a deal with God.”

Gus then talks about tonight’s State Of The Union address, which will be President Obama’s final one, and how members of the Little Sisters Of The Poor will be present, as a guest of Speaker Paul Ryan, because of their pending Supreme Court case. Then, after talking  about survey that says fertility rates rose, in America, Gus speaks about large Catholic families and asks listeners to share their experiences in them.

And Gus closes with comedian/actor/author Dan Kulp who talks about his faith-driven career and his experiences as the parent of two special needs children from China and his plans for his brief speech at the 2016 March For Life Chicago.

Dan Kulp


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