Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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On Seize the Day, Easter continues to roll on.

In the wake of his call segment yesterday in which Gus asks listeners who just converted to Catholicism to call in and talk about the process, Gus talks to listeners about what role Catholic school played in their faith journey, after one caller said that Catholic school was instrumental in his conversion.

Also, inspired by today’s Gospel (John 20: 11-18), where Mary Magdalene speaks to Jesus outside his time and she didn’t realize it was him until he called her name, Gus talks about his difficulty retaining peoples’ names and asks listeners to call in with advice on how to better remember.

And we hear again from Monsignor Charles Pope, pastor at Holy Comforter-Saint Cyprian Church, Washington, D.C., about temptation, what it is, why God allows it and what are its sources. To read his article on the subject, click here.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene


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