Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Catholic speaker/author Christopher West calls in to talk about his new free eBook “Theology of the Body at the Movies,” where he reviews 26 secular movies that have deeper spiritual meanings than most of us realize. Afterwards, Gus talks with listeners about what movie had a deep spiritual impact on them.

Also, Gus talks about the situation in the Arkansas Penal System, where the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the state’s request to execute eight death row inmates before the end of the month. It’s come to light that the reason they’re expediting these executions is because their supply of the lethal drug used in these executions is due to expire at the end of April. Gus gets callers thoughts on this and in the death penalty in general.

KRT US NEWS STORY SLUGGED: DEATHROW-TEXAS KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY CHUCK BERMAN/CHICAGO TRIBUNE (March 23) In 2003, an average of two condemed inmates each month were strapped onto a gurney and injected with three lethal drugs in in the Death Chamber at the Walls in Huntsville, Texas. (nk) 2004 (Diversity)


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