Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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On this Tuesday in Holy Week, Gus speaks to David Adams, vice president for missions, Cross Catholic Outreach, to talk about the latest on the Shroud of Turin. In addition to all the carbon dating, which places the Shroud in first-century Jerusalem, the markings seen on the man in the cloth reveal those left by a crown of thorns, torture, scourging, nail puncture wounds of the hands/feet, bruised knees, and a side spear wound.

Also, Gus welcomes Catholic author Shaun McAfee to talk about his latest article entitled “Why I Used Birth Control and Five Reasons I Wish I Hadn’t.” Click here to check out Shaun’s blog, which features the article.

Gus also ask his listeners if they’ve ever had a spiritual experience with their own doctor. Have you ever prayed with your doctor? What was his or her reaction when you asked?

Shroud of Turin


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