Trinity Sunday

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Today we celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity; three Persons, one God. The readings today reflect that. The first reading from Proverbs we see an inkling of the Trinity: “When the Lord established the heavens I was there…” And our Gospel reading is from John 16, where Jesus talks about the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Did you know that the word “Trinity” is found nowhere in the Scriptures? It took the Church many years to begin to sort this all out; to come to a greater understanding of the Trinity. Even now, it remains part of the mystery of our faith. Three Persons, One God. How can this be? Though we many never fully understand it, still we believe. But how can we explain this concept to those who question it? Let me share with you one of the best explanations I have ever heard.

Pope John Paul II said that God is not LIKE a family, God IS a family. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Let’s take my earthly family as an example. My wife and children and I all share many things. We share a name. We share the same DNA. We are one. The Lloyd family. Yet, we are also unique and separate individuals. We each have our own unique gifts and ministries. And so it is with God. Three Persons, One God. One “Family.”

We give you all praise and glory, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Help us to fulfill the Great Commission. Make us better disciples that we may make disciples. Amen.

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