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In today’s Gospel reading from Luke 9:46-50, the disciples are arguing amongst themselves about which of them is the greatest. Actually, this seems like pretty typical guy stuff. But Jesus takes a child to help straighten the men out. Jesus then gets a report about someone casting out demons in Jesus’ name. Trouble was, the one casting out the demons didn’t follow in their company. Be sure to read Jesus’ interesting answer.

For our first reading today, we’re in the first chapter of the book of Job, Job 1:6-22. Job is the most faith-filled man on the earth. In fact, the Lord brags about Job to Satan. So Satan makes a little challenge to God to see if he (Satan) can make Job lose his faith. The Lord agrees, telling Satan that he can do anything to Job except hurt his person. So Satan starts to work. But Job will not break faith. Be sure to read what Job says after all these terrible things befall him.

Job is a great example for us. This poor guy gets hammered with so many “misfortunes.” Yet through it all, he blesses the name of the Lord. It is a stark reminder to me about how much I whine over the smallest little things. We moan and groan and question God about why all these terrible things are happening. Woe is me! Perhaps the next time things start to go south for us, we should try blessing God’s name, like Job did. Hmmm…wonder what might happen then…

Father, teach us to be like Job; to bless your name in all things, the good and the bad. Blessed be the name of the Lord! Amen.

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