Thursday, September 7, 2017

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Gus plays some audio from an exchange yesterday between Sen. Diane Feinstein, Sen. Dick Durbin and Notre Dame Law School Prof. Amy Coney Barrett during the latter’s confirmation hearing for the federal appeals courts based in Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. Barrett’s Catholic faith was called into question by Feinstein and Durbin. Sen. Durbin challenges her on the term “orthodox Catholic” she used in an article she co-wrote 20 years ago. Sen. Durbin, who offers up the fact that he’s a product of 19 years of Catholic education, said he’d never heard the term before. So, Gus asks listeners if they’ve ever heard the term before and what it means.

Also, Dr. Gregory Francisco sits down with Gus in the Conversion Corner. He was raised in the protestant faith and converted to Catholicism when he was 19, but the adventure really started when he sought to become a priest.

And, Bob Dunning calls in to talk about this week’s best college football match-ups and how Hurricane Irma has already affected some games in the state of Florida.


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