Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Tomorrow begins the nine days of prayer and fasting for the sanctity of life, marriage, and for the Synod on the Family. International Prayer and Fasting Coalition Chairperson Maureen Flynn joins Gus to talk about the purpose of the event and gives a history of how communal prayer has worked.

Also, Gus talks with listeners about mixed marriages; that is, in your marriage, is one of you Catholic and one of you of a different faith and does it create any sort of tension and/or confusion? He also returns to yesterday’s topics of teenagers and mass. Did you go to mass as a teen and/or do your teenage children still go to mass?

And. Bob Dunning joins Gus near the end of the show to talk about this week’s biggest college football games as well as the firing of USC’s head coach Steve Sarkisian, the resignation of South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier and the one-year suspension of Florida QB Will Grier.

Prayer and fasting



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