Thursday, November 19, 2015

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Elise Harris, writer for Catholic News Agency and the National Catholic Register, talks with Gus this morning about the reports that circulated yesterday in the Daily Herald that Mother Teresa would be canonized in September 2016. The Vatican nixed that notion, stating that the cause for her canonization had not concluded yet and no date has officially been set. You can read the latest here.

Gus also has two strong caller segments. Yesterday, an ISIS propaganda video surfaced which threatened Times Square in New York City. He he asks listeners whether or not they would travel to popular travel sites or large gatherings, such as New York City or the March for Life, in the wake of current terrorist activity. Most callers said they would but there were some who expressed trepidation. Gus himself said he would not be deterred.

Also, it was reported last night that former Boston College and NFL quarterback Doug Flutie’s parents both died yesterday within an hour of each other. His father, Dick, had been ill for quite some time and had succumbed to his sickness. An hour later, his mother, Joan, died of an apparent heart attack. Gus talks with listeners about “Broken Heart Syndrome” and whether they’ve experienced that with a loved one.

And, we talk to Bob Dunning, of the Davis Enterprise, about the best college football match ups this weekend.

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