Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Dr. Paul Kengor, director of the Center for Vision & Values & professor of political science at Grove City College, calls in to talk about Hillary Clinton’s church problem. Clinton has often cited her Methodist faith and her pride that they’re aligned with the Religious Coaltion for Reproductive Choice (RCRC); a pro-choice Christian organization that supports Planned Parenthood. Last month, at the United Methodist General Assembly (which meets every four years to vote on truth) voted to disassociate itself from the RCRC and also voted against allowing actively homosexual clergy. He talks with Gus about Hillary Clinton’s conundrum as well as the Presbyterian faith of Donald Trump.

And, Gus talks about how the states of California and New York are raising their minimum wage to $15/hour over the next few years. He mentions that this was pushed through with influential support of the Catholic bishops of that state. Gus says he’s a supporter of social justice but doesn’t mean that necessarily means supporting a large minimum wage. He gets listener reaction.

Then, it’s a difficult choice: pipe organ or electronic organ? Gus talks today about a dilemma a priest he knows is going through over whether or not to replace his church’s electronic organ with a pipe organ. Gus asks callers how they would vote if they were on their church council.

Pipe organ


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