Thursday, July 21, 2016

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Gus talks about the events at the Republican National Convention last night, particularly Ted Cruz’s infamous or famous speech (depending on where you stand) where he told Republicans to vote their conscience, didn’t endorse Donald Trump and got booed by many in attendance. Gus plays a portion of the speech and then gets a first-hand account from SiriusXM Washington Correspondent Jared Rizzi who’s in Cleveland covering the RNC for several SiriusXM channels. He also talks with Gus about Mike Pence’s speech last night and forecasts Trump’s speech tonight and gives a primer of what we may see next week at the Democratic National Convention.

Afterwards, Gus reads some angry email that he’s received over the past few days regarding comments he’s made on Mike Pence and Donald Trump. Gus defends his stance on certain political positions and states that he’s never been disparaging of Mike Pence and has rightfully questioned some of Donald Trump’s positions are certain issues that he cannot in good conscience support. Gus then takes it to the listeners and asks if he’s been too political.

Gus talks about Catholic “reversion”; that is, a cradle Catholic who left the Church for a while and eventually came back. He asks Catholic reverts to call in and talk about their respective faith journeys.

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