Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Gus talked today about Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s response to an ad in the New York Times that blasted the Catholic faith of the five Supreme Court justices who recently ruled for religious liberty in the Hobby Lobby case. Read the article here.

Fr. Robert Kaslyn, Dean of the School of Canon Law at Catholic University, joined Gus today to talk about what canon law says about the seal of confession, in light of the recent decision by the Louisiana Supreme Court ordering a priest to reveal something that was said in the confessional. Gus then got the opinions of listeners.

Haley Stewart joined Gus in the Conversion Corner. As a young person, Haley tried a number of Christian churches and attended a Baptist university. After being drawn to the beauty of the Church through some Catholic authors, Haley began to read the writings of the early Church Fathers. Eventually she and her husband found their way into the Catholic Church. You can read more from and about Haley on her blog,

Finally, Gus had listeners call in and share their stories about “sampling” different churches and denominations.



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