Thursday, January 7, 2015

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Gus talks about the Catholic teaching that Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same God; that is, they are all monotheistic religions. He takes it to the listeners by asking if they believe Christians and Muslims worship same God, given the recent tensions.

Also, yesterday, during Gus’ discussion with listeners about whether or not the American dream is alive or not, we heard from several immigrants or children of immigrants who believed very strongly that it is alive and well. Today, Gus asked listeners who are immigrants and children or grandchildren of immigrants to call in and share their story and experience. Following that, we spoke to Fr. Henry Atem, national president of the African Conference of Catholic Clergy and Religious in the United States, calls in to the program to talk about his immigrant experience and also shares his experience growing up in Cameroon and his vocation story.

Also, Gus talks with Mario Costabile, executive director of Te Deum Ministries, about his project “Array of Hope,” his ministry and what led him into Catholic media.




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