Thursday, January 19, 2017

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John Foppe (pictured below), host of EWTN’s “Armed with Faith” and the executive director of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, calls in to talk about his faith and his career as a motivational speaker. John was born with no arms and he shares with Gus, and his listeners, the challenges, both physical and spiritual, that he’s faced his entire life.

Also, Gus talks about mass revelations. He asks listeners if they ever had an epiphany or revelation about the mass, or anything to do with faith, and what that did for them. Afterwards, he takes a flash survey with listeners. If they had their choice, would they go to a a). more traditional mass, b). more contemporary mass, or c). doesn’t matter. Gus says the results were 50/50.

Later, Gus talks with listeners who’ve been involved with a later-in-life divorces. So often we hear about how young families are impacted by divorce, but what’s the impact of later-in-life divorces, after the children are fully grown and living their own lives? Gus gets listener perspective.

John Foppe


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