Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Gus talks about what happened to him this morning when he was jogging. He left @ 3:00 am and saw a huge fire in the distance near where his friends’ parents live. He went back in the house and called his friend to let him and his wife know. It turns out it wasn’t their house, but the house two doors down from them. Gus asks listeners what they do when they see something like that or hear a siren. Do they pray? And, if so, what do they pray?

Also, Tim Staples, director of apologetics at Catholic Answers, calls in to talk about the miracle host in Poland, which had blood and muscle tissue in it, which was declared venerable by the Catholic Church. Tim explains what exactly it is, how we, as Catholics, should respond to it and how the Church verifies these sorts of things.

Miracle host


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