This, too, Shall Pass

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In today's first reading from Exodus 12, the children of Israel leave Egypt after the Passover. 

The time the children of Israel stayed in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years. Imagine that for a moment. Four hundred and thirty years as slaves. Not a single living soul knew a life of freedom. This was about to become a new adventure.

This always reminds me that nothing, except eternal life, is forever. This, too, shall pass. The people had been enslaved for centuries. Perhaps you've been undergoing a trial for a long time. Always remember that this is not forever. God has a plan for your good and to spend eternity in bliss with Him. Let's stay the course and follow the plan.

Father, help us to remember that all our earthly trials will at some point be a thing of the past, even if only in eternity with you. Amen.

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