The Whisper of God

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Today’s Gospel is from Matthew 14. It is one that we just recently talked about, when Peter jumps out of the boat and walks on the water…for a moment. This is one of those interesting times when the daily and Sunday Gospel readings are often the same. So let’s talk about today’s first reading from 1 Kings 19.

God tells Elijah to stand on a mountain and wait for the Lord to pass by. While Elijah is there, he experiences a strong wind, strong enough to crush rocks, an earthquake and fire. But God isn’t to be found in any of those monumental events. God came to Elijah in a tiny whispering sound. Imagine that!

Did you ever see the movie “Bruce Almighty?” In it, Bruce is always looking for that big sign. C’mon, God! Show me what you got! But when is the last time God spoke to you that way? I can’t say that I’ve ever really heard from God that way. I’ve found that, in my life anyway, God doesn’t shout. God whispers. Which means that I’ve got to have my listening ears finely tuned.

Father, we know that you speak to us softly. Give us open ears and an open heart, that we might hear you. Amen.

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