The Two Reeds

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Isn’t it interesting how so often God can give us messages through simple things that we may never even notice if our eyes aren’t open? I had a neat experience that would fall into this category on my recent silent retreat that I would like to share.

I spent a lot of time during my retreat sitting down by Lake Jovita. In my previous post you can see part of the view that I got while sitting on a concrete patio area at the lake house. There were trees and bushes and weeds and flowers and all kinds of plant life. And right along the edge, there were what I call reeds. Now, they may have another name, and I have no idea what the botanical name is, so I’ll refer to them as reeds. Among these reeds with little wheat-like stalks on top were two particular reeds that towered far above all the other reeds. For some reason, my eyes were continually drawn to these two reeds.

On Friday, I had a most amazing encounter with God. I’ll talk more about that in another post. But while I was conversing with God, I asked Him about the two reeds. I’ll try to put into words what God spoke to me about these two reeds.

As I mentioned, these reeds were far and away taller than all the other reeds, indeed, all the other plants by the shore. And as the gentle breeze would blow, the reeds would sway and bob, almost as though they were engaging in a beautiful dance. This was a dance for joy. The reeds were dancing as David dances before the ark of the covenant.

When the wind would blow a bit stronger, the two reeds would bend further, just above the other reeds around them. When this happened, it looked as though they were whispering to the other reeds who weren’t quite as tall. I asked God about this. “Are they bragging about how they are so much taller and stronger than the other reeds?” God answered, “No, my son. They are encouraging their bretheren to continue to grow and reach and be all that I want them to be. You see, the two reeds are not prideful. They know that they are exactly what I have ordained them to be. In fact, though they are taller and stronger, they do not recognize any difference between themselves and the other reeds. Oh, my son,” God said to me, “this is what I desire for all my children. This is what I desire for you. That you be only what I have created you to be, and that you encourage your brothers and sisters to do the same.”

“Oh, Father,” I said, “I’m so sorry for the times when I look down on others and think myself better or different. Forgive me, Father.” And God replied, “You are already forgiven.”

“But Father,” I said, “Why are there two reeds? I am only one.” God responded, “My child, you are never only one. Jesus is with you always, to help you on your journey.”

The lesson? God has created each and every one of His children to be unique and magnificent. He only wants us to be what He has created us to be, and to encourage our brothers and sisters along the way.


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