The Lord's Passion

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Today is Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday. Today we will hear the reading of the Passion narrative from Matthew's Gospel in the liturgy. It is perhaps the longest reading of the year. 

As Catholics around the globe will not be able to attend Mass this year due to the coronavirus, I suspect many will be watching via livestream their local parish or another church somewhere in the world. It is a day for us to reflect on the Lord's passion and death.

Many are going through their own version of the passion right now. Many are sick and suffering, or simply bored and tired of being cooped up. We must always remember that our sufferings pale in comparison to what Christ went through for us. His friends abandoned Him, the people - who hailed Him as king - mocked Him and called for His execution. And the beating and death He accepted willingly for us was brutal. Pray that no matter what is to become of us from here on out, we will willingly accept and offer up our sufferings to unite with His.

Father, help us bear our cross willingly, as our Lord did for us. Amen.

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