The Lion of Judah

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Today is one week before Christmas Eve. In the liturgy, we begin to see the unfolding of the Christmas story. The Gospel reading for today is the beginning of Matthew’s Gospel. It is the genealogy of Jesus. If you’ve ever had a difficult time pronouncing some of the names in this list, click here for a web site that helps with biblical pronunciations. (You’re welcome!)

In the first reading today from Genesis 49, we hear a prophesy from Jacob (Israel) about Judah, and his offspring. Remember, the twelve sons of Jacob were the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. Here is part of what Jacob says: “He crouches like a lion recumbent, the king of beasts – who would dare rouse him? The scepter shall never depart from Judah…”

One of the titles of Jesus is The Lion of Judah. As a lion is the king of beasts, Jesus is the King of kings. You’ve heard the expression “He has the heart of a lion.” This saying fits the Lion of Judah perfectly. He went to his death because his heart was filled with love – for you. Can anyone be more lionhearted than that?

Father, we thank you for the Lion of the tribe of Judah – Jesus. May we always proclaim His name with lionhearted fervor. Amen.

Today’s Readings

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