The Importance of Strength

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In today's first reading from Hebrews 9 we hear more about the once for all sacrifice of Christ. In the Gospel reading from Mark 3, Jesus is accused of being possessed, and driving out demons by the prince of demons.

Jesus replies by talking about a kingdom divided against itself. He also says, "But no one can enter a strong man's house to plunder his property unless he first ties up the strong man. Then he can plunder his house."

Spiritually speaking, Satan wants to plunder your house. Jesus intimates that that would be difficult to do to one who is strong. Conversely, it would be easy to do to one who is weak (in faith). We must remain strong, that our house (personal and corporate - i.e. the Church) may not be plundered. Our strength comes from the Lord. Once we allow weakness - falling for the lies of the world - into our lives, rest assured we will be tied up and plundered.

Father, give us the strength we need to stand up to the lies of the evil one, that our house may not be plundered. Amen.

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