The First Synod

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How is your joy? As Christians, we are supposed to be a joyful people. Read what Jesus says about joy in today's Gospel reading from John 15.

Today's first reading from Acts 15 tells about the first synod. What, you say? A synod? Well, we often refer to this as the Council of Jerusalem, when the Apostles gathered with the presbyters to discuss controversial matters and render a decision that was binding on the Church. Those two words - synod and council - are often used interchangeably. And we're hearing an awful lot about synods these days.

Here's the definition from the Modern Catholic Dictionary by Fr. John Hardon, S.J.: "An assembly of ecclesiastics, not necessarily all bishops, gathered together under ecclesiastical authority to discuss and decide on matters pertaining to doctrine, discipline, or liturgy under their jurisdiction." Now you know.

Father, give wisdom to all those whom you have chosen to lead our Church, that they will follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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