The Danger of Debt

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A quick story about today's reflection: I've been writing Scripture reflections for over ten years. So I've written about every reading at least five times, and each Gospel reading countless times. I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't find a different "take" on today's Gospel reading with a priest friend of mine who said, "I guess you could write about the danger of being in debt." Brilliant!

The Gospel story today from Matthew 18 is about two people who were in debt. The moral of the story is one of the importance of mercy and forgiveness. But both men found themselves in trouble because they had accumulated debt.

Being is debt is not a sin. But I know plenty of folks who have gotten into great difficulty because of debt. While not sinful, I believe it is something to be avoided if at all possible. The pressure of debt can have a very deleterious effect on one's spiritual life. So here's some friendly advice from your humble scribe: stay out of debt. Spend less than you take in. Live simply. Simplicity of living reduces stress.

Father, help us to be good stewards of that which you have entrusted us with. May we live simply and avoid the pitfalls of debt. Amen.

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  • Carl: September 14, 2020

    Sound advice Gus! During my career, I encountered numerous people who had gotten into legal trouble by confusing “need” and “want.” Most have what we need, but can put ourselves into situations seeking “stuff” we want – and cannot afford.

    Simplicity is Elegant! (One of my wife’s favorites!)

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