The Angel Effort

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The Angel Effort
This year for Lent, I propose what I call the Angel Effort. Each day during Lent, I want to do something positive. You may think of them as “random acts of kindness.” Only they won’t be random. They will be planned and thought out. So I’m looking for suggestions for simple little things that we can include in our Angel Effort. Let me give you a couple of starter ideas; simple things that we can do to help make someone’s day better.

Pay for the person behind you on a toll road.
Call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
Take on a chore that someone else in the house usually does.

Get the idea? Then give me some ideas that we can use. Every day during Lent, we’ll use a suggestion and offer it up to the community. What are you waiting for? Log in and comment and let’s get the ideas flowing!

Ash Wednesday: Call a friend or family member that you haven’t spoken to in while
Thursday, March 10: Give someone a compliment today
Friday, March 11: Leave a note for someone

Monday, March 14: Open a door for someone (hint to husbands: always open the car door for your bride!)
Tuesday, March 15: Prepare/buy a meal for someone
Wednesday, March 16: Pray with someone today
Thursday, March 17: Give someone a hug today
Friday, March 18: Email a note of encouragement to someone

Monday, March 21: Make an online donation to a charity
Tuesday, March 22: Pray for a sick person
Wednesday, March 23: Be extra courteous in traffic today
Thursday, March 24: Give someone a surprise gift today
Friday, March 25: Do a household chore that someone else normally does

Monday, March 28: Pay it forward! If you go through a drive-through or toll booth today, pay for the next person in line
Tuesday, March 29: Choose to forgive someone today
Wednesday, March 30: Pray with a family member today (spouse, child, parent, sibling…)
Thursday, March 31: Use a sticky note to brighten someone’s day

Tuesday, April 5: (Be careful with this one!) Wink at someone today
Wednesday, April 6: Sing a song for someone (Note: you don’t have to be a good singer. Just sing!)
Friday, April 8: Give money to a homeless person

Monday, April 11: Say “God Bless You!” to people, even if they didn’t sneeze!
Tuesday, April 12: Ask someone to pray for you
Wednesday, April 13: Fast from one meal today and offer it up for someone you love
Thursday, April 14: Give someone a sign of peace (Make sure to say “Peace be with you!)
Friday, April 15: When someone asks, “How ya doing?”, respond with, “I’m blessed!”

Monday, April 18: Tell someone today that you love them
Tuesday, April 19: Pray the Rosary for someone’s intention
Wednesday, April 20: Invite someone to Easter Mass at your church
Thursday, April 21: Wash someone’s feet


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