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More from the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel reading today. Jesus said, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.” Jesus is the fulfillment of the law…the law of love. He shows us not how to ignore the commandments, but how to obey and live them out.

In our first reading today from 1 Kings 18, we read about a contest of sorts. Elijah says that he is the only surviving prophet of the Lord. But there are four hundred and fifty prophets of the false god Baal. To show the people which is the true God, Elijah poses a challenge. He has the prophets of Baal build an altar and prepare a sacrifice. But they were to command Baal to start the fire for the offering. Then…crickets. No fire. The Scripture tells us, “But there was not a sound; no one answered, and no one was listening.” But when Elijah calls down fire from God, He listens. Be sure to read this great story.

Now, I would never recommend testing God in such a way. That’s not to say that God couldn’t or wouldn’t pass the test. He already has. But we test God each and every day. We challenge Him to meet our needs. We offer Him our heart. All it takes is trust. Why not challenge God today? Give Him your life. See what happens from there. I can assure you, my friend, He will always pass the test of the heart.

Father, we give you our hearts this day. We challenge you to mold us into the people that You want us to be. Amen.

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