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There are lots of similarities between athletics and the spiritual life. St. Paul talks about them in today’s first reading from 1 Corinthians 9. We have to train in each discipline. He advises us, “Run so as to win.”

In today’s Gospel reading from Luke 6. Jesus says, “Can a blind person guide a blind person? Will not both fall into a pit? No disciple is superior to the teacher; but when fully trained, every disciple will be like his teacher.” Of course, Jesus is speaking about the relationship between He and His disciples.

This is always a stark reminder to me of how much more work I have to do in the spiritual life. If being like Jesus is a measure of our “training,” then I am feeling stuck at the starting line. I am so far away from being fully trained, it ain’t even funny! But I refuse to quit! My training continues. How about yours?

Father, keep us diligent in our training, that we may become more and more like your Son, Jesus, in whose mighty name we pray. Amen.

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