Taking Up Your Cross

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A new chapter begins in the lives of the children of Israel in today’s first reading from Exodus 1 – slavery. The Egyptians made the Hebrews their slaves, and Pharaoh commands that every Hebrew boy child be killed.

In the Gospel reading from Matthew 10, Jesus finishes His discourse to the Apostles as he sends them out. Among other things, He says, “Whoever does not take up his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me.”

We all have a cross to bear. For some it may be hardship – sickness, death, job loss, relationship troubles. For others, it may be a particular propensity to sin – lust, anger, pride. Whatever it may be, we’re called to bear our cross and live a life of holiness. Perhaps God will take away your cross. Be assured that there will be another waiting around the corner. And when that one comes, we must pick it up and carry it as well, always relying on the strength of Jesus to help us along the way.

Father, forgive us for when we reject our cross and seek an easier way. May we be worthy of Jesus and carry our cross daily. Amen.

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