Succumbing to Fear

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Fearmongering is a pretty common occurrence these days. Nothing new about that. We see it in today's first reading. In the Gospel reading, we see a Canaanite woman of great faith who has her prayer answered by Jesus, but not before an objection.

Moses sent twelve spies to reconnoiter the land of Canaan, which God had promised to his people. Upon their return, two of the men, Caleb and Joshua, said they should go ahead in and take the land. But the other ten stoked fear in the people, telling them about giants in the land and that they would be mowed down. The people succumbed to fear, and it didn't end well for them. Moses told them they would have to now spend forty years wandering the desert, and that none of them would live to see the Promised Land.

This reminds me (once again) of the old adage, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." So many people want to stoke fear today. Heck, it's part and parcel of politics. Fear helps others to control people. And that's why Satan loves fear. He can control us through our fears. But God says, "Be not afraid!" Cast aside your fears, and you'll live a life of abundant joy.

Father, forgive us when we succumb to fear. Help us to be bold and fearless. Amen.

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