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I love to talk about God’s sense of humor. For me, that really comes into play today. You see, I grew up a Led Zeppelin freak. I was all about Page, Plant, Bonham and Jones. Had every record. Knew every note of every song. Now, we won’t get into the fact here that they were into some very scary stuff spiritually. (Jimmy Page was into the occult.) Who would have thought that, decades later, I would be writing a reflection with the title of a Zeppelin tune? Certainly not me!

Stairway to Heaven is one of the most well-known rock classics ever. People of most every age have either heard it, or heard of it. But how many people know that the title of the song is actually based on a Bible story? It is, and we see it in today’s first reading from Genesis 28. Jacob has a dream about a stairway (it is called a ladder in some translations) that reaches from earth into heaven. Going up and down the stairway were God’s messengers.

God does, indeed, have messengers. We see them again and again in the Scriptures. Angels and archangels. Lazarus and Abraham. We know that the Blessed Mother and many of the saints bear messages to some. The point is that God uses others to be His messengers. And Jacob, in his dream, was privileged to see this, but this always reminds me that God has many messengers right here on earth. We need only look around us to see them. The question is, do we recognize them as such?

Father, thank you for sending us messengers from heaven. And thank you for having messengers for us here on earth. May we recognize them for what they are. Allow us to be your messengers, too. Amen.

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