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When you build a structure, a house or a building, it must have a firm foundation. Otherwise it may fall. The firmest of foundations is rock. This is the “golden thread” that runs through today’s readings.

In the first reading from Isaiah 26, we read, “Trust in the Lord forever! For the Lord is an eternal Rock.” Notice that “Rock” is with a capital “R.” It is a proper noun. It is a name for God Himself. He is the Rock of our salvation. Strong and firm. In fact, we see both of those words used in the first reading. “A strong city have we…” and “A nation of firm purpose you keep in peace.”

In the Gospel reading from Matthew 7, Jesus speaks of His words as that firm foundation on which we must build. Jesus is our Rock. If we are building our lives on or putting our trust in anything or anyone apart from Jesus, we are destined to fall. Our house will collapse. Because everything else is sand. And when the storms of life come, the only foundation that will hold up is Jesus. May the Lord be our Rock. As I used to say in times past, “Rock on!”

Father, you are our Rock. May we listen to the words of Jesus and act on them. May we always put our trust in Him alone. Amen.

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