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If you’ve ever invested in anything, you’ve no doubt expected a return on investment (ROI). This doesn’t always have to do with money, by the way. We invest much time and energy into our jobs, career, relationships, hobbies, etc. And, generally speaking, we get something in return.

Peter “asks” about this in today’s Gospel reading from Mark 10. He never really asks a question, but it is implied and Jesus knows this. Peter says, “We have given up everything and followed you.” The implied question is, “What will we get in return?” Be sure to read Jesus’ answer.

I often ask people what they get out of doing ministry work. To a person, they always reply that they don’t do it to get something back. But invariably they do get something back: blessings. The more generous we are, the more generous God is. My bride always has to remind me that you can’t out-give God. While your ROI for temporal affairs will last only a short while, your ROI for serving God will last eternally. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Father, help us to invest everything into your Kingdom, that our return may be eternal. Amen.

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