Psalm 95

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I don’t often do a daily reflection on the Responsorial Psalm. Today I’ll make an exception. Perhaps part of the reason is that the two readings are so awesome, I couldn’t choose between the two! In the first reading from Numbers 20, God brings water from a rock for the people. And in the Gospel reading from Matthew 16, Jesus gives Peter the keys to the Kingdom of heaven.

The Psalm response for today is from Psalm 95 – “If today you hear his voice, harden not your heart.” On the surface, this seems a rather odd statement. After all, if someone really heard the voice of God, wouldn’t they naturally fall flat on their face in awe and do whatever God told them? Maybe not so much. Let me explain.

As Catholics, we believe that God speaks through his Church, the Catholic Church. At least, we should believe that. Yet so many people rebel against the Church. They don’t like this doctrine or that teaching, so they toss them aside and believe what they want to believe. They harden their hearts because they don’t like the message, and they blame the messenger. This is what God warned about. Let’s pray that today we will truly hear the voice of God, and harden not our hearts.

Father, forgive us for the many times when we harden our hearts, even after hearing your voice. May our hearts soften and be open to your truths. Amen.

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