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Today is the Second Sunday of Advent. For the Gospel reading, we go to the beginning of the Gospel according to Mark. It all starts with John the Baptist.

John knew that he had a job to do – to point the way to the Messiah. It would seem that John did not know that his own kinsman, Jesus of Nazareth, was that Messiah. He knew that the Messiah was coming and, even though His identity was temporarily hidden, John pointed the way to Him.

Have you had someone in your life that has pointed the way to Jesus for you? Perhaps it was your parents and godparents at your baptism. Maybe later in life someone guided you along in your spiritual journey. They were your John the Baptist. We should be sure to express our gratitude to them. And we should be willing to play the part of John the Baptist to others, pointing them toward Jesus and eternal life. Is there anything greater you could do for someone?

Father, we thank you for those people who pointed the way to Jesus for us. May we always point the way to Jesus for others. Amen.

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