Perpetual Lent

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Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. If you haven't yet figured out what your Lenten penances/sacrifices will be, now is the time.

We have all been dealing with COVID for a year now. In some respects it feels like Lent has lasted this entire year. Indeed, we may feel like we're in a state of perpetual Lent. But perhaps that's not so terrible. We've been called to make many sacrifices. Many have lost loved ones. For most of us, the restrictions we have been under have ranged from annoyances to real hardship. Let's pray that this all ends soon.

The three pillars of Lent are prayer, almsgiving and fasting. While we may think about and practice these disciplines during this penitential season, they are really things that should be part and parcel of our spiritual life always. For in life, there will always be hardship. Let us embrace our Lenten journey not just for the next forty days, but until our return home.

Father, may this be a fruitful Lent for us. Help us to embrace the Lenten aspects of our faith always. Amen.

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