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God is a just judge. St. Paul makes this very clear in today’s first reading from Romans 2. Here’s how he puts it: “By your stubbornness and impenitent heart, you are storing up wrath for yourself for the day of wrath and revelation of the just judgment of God, who will repay everyone according to his works, eternal life to those who seek glory, honor, and immortality through perseverance in good works, but wrath and fury to those who selfishly disobey the truth and obey wickedness.”

In the Gospel reading from Luke 11, Jesus continues his dressing down of the Pharisees. Afterward, a scholar of the law says, “Teacher, by saying this you are insulting us too.” Jesus had just insulted someone. What would the politically correct thing to do be? Why, apologize, of course. Is that what Jesus did? No. He went on to speak more truth to the scholars of the law, which no doubt insulted them even more.

You see, God is not about being politically correct. Jesus was not PC. He is Truth. He spoke the truth, no matter what. In our time, everyone is expected to be PC. We live in a time where we're told that hurting someone's feelings is the greatest mortal sin one can commit. If the truth hurts or insults someone, we’re expected to back down, apologize and never say that again. Such cowardice! It’s even prevalent in the Church today. Now, we shouldn’t go around insulting people just to insult them. But we must never stop speaking the truth. Jesus didn’t tell His disciples, “Now go, and be sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings.” He told them to proclaim the Gospel, knowing full well that some would be insulted by it.

Father, give us the grace and the courage to always speak the truth in love…no matter how un-PC it may be. Amen.

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