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Jesus raised numerous people from the dead. In today’s Gospel reading from Luke 7, we read about how Jesus came upon a funeral procession. The dead man was the only son of a widow. Moved with pity, Jesus raised the man from the dead and gave him to his mother. It was a miracle right out of left field. A great reminder to us that Jesus can bring a miracle when we least expect it.

In the first reading today from 1 Timothy 3, St. Paul speaks of the requirements for bishops and deacons. Here are just some of those requirements: irreproachable, temperate, self-controlled, decent, hospitable, not aggressive, gentle, dignified, not deceitful, not greedy. And there’s more! To be a leader in the Church requires much of a man. Not just anyone can make the cut.

Jesus spoke time and again about how the last will be first, and the first will be last; the greatest among you will be the servant of all. This is all the more true with our leaders. First and foremost, they must be servants. Imagine how difficult it would be to be a spiritual leader. They have to wear so many hats these days. But the overriding feature of these men must be holiness. Let’s remember to pray for our spiritual leaders, that they may be the holy servant leaders that God is calling them to be.

Father, pour out your Spirit upon our leaders, our bishops, priests and deacons. May they always walk in your ways and follow your call in their lives. Amen.

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