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Did you know that God is pro-choice? Don’t go ballistic, I’m not talking about the way that abortion advocates mean that. (In that sense, God is most definitely pro-life!) I mean that God has given us free will, the ability to make choices – good and bad. In the first reading today from Deuteronomy 30, Moses tells the people to “choose life.” Read about how that works.

In today’s Gospel reading from Luke 9, we hear a familiar saying of Jesus, only with a slight twist. He says, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” What’s the twist? Only Luke includes the word “daily” in this saying. In other words, taking up our cross is not a “sometimes” thing.

We all have crosses to bear. Some days are easier than others. But every day we must carry our cross. If today is a good day for you, if your cross seems a bit lighter today, why not use that extra strength to help someone else bear their cross? They won’t be hard to find – we’re all carrying one.

Father, give us the strength to carry our cross today, and follow Jesus wherever He leads. Amen.

Today’s Readings

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