On Complacency

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In the first reading today from 1 Thessalonians 3, St. Paul says he looked forward to coming back to visit to “remedy the deficiencies of your faith.” Something we all could use, no?

In our Gospel reading from Matthew 24, Jesus charges His disciples to “Stay awake!” He then goes on to tell the story of two servants. The first always takes care of the master’s business; always ready for his arrival. The second, though, is a wicked servant. Thinking that his master will be away for a long time, he begins to “beat his fellow servants, and eat and drink with drunkards.” The master comes home at an unexpected time, and the wicked servant pays the price.

The wicked servant suffered from a very common malady: complacency. He figured he had all the time in the world, so he gave in to his baser passions. We must always guard against complacency in our spiritual lives. We should always strive to be growing, making sure that we are about the master’s business. Sure enough, the moment we become complacent is the moment that the master will return.

Father, help us to avoid complacency. Help us to be ever on our guard, always being about the Master’s business, until He returns in glory. Amen.

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