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In today's Gospel reading from Luke 8, Jesus said, "For there is nothing hidden that will not become visible, and nothing secret that will not be known and come to light."

We all have secrets. Those thoughts in our hearts that we don't/can't share with anyone else. Sometimes keeping a secret can be a good thing. (Think surprise birthday party.) But too often bad things are kept secret. I believe that's one of the reasons the Church is in such a bad way these days. Too much cover-up; too many secrets.

Jesus' point here is that in the end, there will be no secrets. God knows everything, and all will be revealed. There are some secrets we will take to our grave. But they won't remain secrets afterward. And for those whose secrets are about despicable acts that hurt others, they will receive their reward.

Father, help us to be people, not of secrets, but of the truth, for the truth shall set us free. Amen.

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