Mary's Assumption into Heaven

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Today the Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is one of those days that is greatly misunderstood by many. So let’s talk about it, and hopefully clear up some misconceptions that some people may have.

First of all, Catholics believe that Mary was assumed, body and soul into heaven at the end of her earthly life. We do not believe that Mary ascended into heaven on her own power. This in no way makes Mary a goddess or attributes to her divinity. Here is what the Catechism says…”The Immaculate Virgin…was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory…so that she might be more fully conformed to her Son. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is a singular participation in her Son’s Resurrection and an anticipation of the resurrection of other Christians.”

What about the Scriptures? In the first reading today from Revelation 11-12, we see John telling of a vision of a woman giving birth to the savior. Then we read, “The woman herself fled into the desert where she had a place prepared by God.” So, though the Scriptures don’t mention the Assumption explicitly, this could well be an implicit reference from John’s vision. In any case, it only stands to reason that Mary, the first Christian, would be the first to participate in the resurrection of the body that we all, by the grace of God, will one day participate in, also.

We end today’s reflection with the prayer over the gifts that you will hear at today’s Mass. “May this oblation, our tribute of homage, rise up to you, O Lord, and, through the intercession of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, whom you assumed into heaven, may our hearts, aflame with the fire of love, constantly long for you. Through Christ our Lord.

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  • CWF: August 16, 2018

    Dear Gus,
    May the peace and blessings of our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you, your family and your ministry.
    I cannot find a link to email you directly. Probably wise as you would be inundated with input from folks.

    This will take a while, but hope it helps..

    First, regarding this Holy Day in the life of The Church, yes, the Blessed Mother (Mary) was ‘taken up’.. she did not ascend or go to heaven, no, the Trinity took her up. We presume she did not resist, but was and is in the Father’s eternal embrace. Next, in today’s Gospel, Mary goes to those in need, carrying within her, the Incarnate Word. When Mary’s voice, full of the God’s love, fell upon Elizabeth’s ear, the baby leaped in her womb… There is life.. there is a soul responding to God’s call. Therefore, no valid justification for murder of the pre-born exists. We hear of Mary’s response in humility… in her own amazement, then speaking her recognition of what God has done. “My soul proclaims…” not her mere voice.. Her SOUL. Eternal. Glory to God in the Highest!

    This morning on Sirius XM, I heard in your voice the confusion, anger and yet another ‘body blow’ about the evil of pedantry, other sexual and abusive treatment of SOULS and coverup of the crime and sin, which is obviously rampant within The Church. The ‘smoke of satan’ has indeed entered therein.

    In your voice I heard your wounded soul, yet you know you are protected by the truth of the Eucharist (body, soul and divinity of Jesus). Thanks be to God!

    Regarding recognition of this inherently disordered behavior and it’s necessary cure, The Church should now see the full result of their behavior and the necessary steps to resolve. The Bishops have the information, they need to not further insult and endanger the Body of Christ and God himself, any longer.

    They must take immediate, competent and complete action. This cancer must be immediately killed, even tho ’I know that is going to hurt’.

    Once young men can honestly discern their priestly vocation, without this perversion and manipulation, the ‘priest shortage’ will end. Also, The Church will once again be the moral and spiritual bulwark Jesus Christ established it to be.

    A question arose on your show something like; “How did we get here?”

    I submit it is by acceptance of sin through our own arrogance and tolerance of our own sin and others.

    I saw others being chastised when they would not accept sinful and immoral behavior of ‘unwed mothers’ because that ’labeled them’ and they would think they could never heal, rather than embracing the reality and consequences of sin. There was no stigma for ’unwed fathers’ either! Rather, they became ‘baby mommas/daddys’. Raising my voice about this met with ‘shhhh’ from the clergy and lay members. “Don’t embarrass them. Keep it to yourself, who are YOU to judge?..etc.”

    Neither of these progressive definitions are accurate. The problem is simple, as is the resolution. To delay/dismiss the proper response to sin is to confuse, a tactic of the serpent. I was confused that my sin was justified, because everyone’s ‘doing it’. There was no requirement to reform the sinful behavior..and in some cases, nurtured.

    I remember words like, “who am I to judge” from clergy and religious, echoed recently by Pope Francis. Well, let me show you, Pope Francis.. “I know this is going to hurt.” but, Jesus promised to never leave us, nor forsake us… trust in Him.

    R/S.. CWF

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